Youtubers Life 2 update out now on Switch (version, patch notes

Youtubers Life 2 update out now on Switch (version, patch notes

Youtubers Life 2 update out now on Switch (version, patch notes

Information about Youtubers Life 2 update out now on Switch (version, patch notes


Youtubers Life 2 update out now on Switch (version, patch notes

Posted on November 27, 2021 by (@NE_Brian)
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youtubers life 2 update

A new update recently came to Youtubers Life 2 on Switch, bringing the game to version It addresses some of the more frequently reported issues since the game’s launch and introduces further improvements to stability and gaming experience.

The full patch notes for the Youtubers Life 2 version update are below:

Updated minigames

Recording minigame:

  • Balanced the progress of the minigame: now you can get better scores as your level increases and it will be easier to shuffle good cards to record better videos. Also, the reaction of the character after completing the recording has been adjusted to show that the video is successfully finished.
  • Now the emojis can be completely filled if you are close enough to fill them after finishing the recording, allowing you to get better scores.
  • “REGULAR” type clips have been removed when recording a video.
  • If there are enough render points and coins left, a message now appears saying that effects can be added to clips before publishing.
  • Your character will better show the excitement of publishing videos according to your level as a youtuber.
  • Added new indications about how to use trends when publishing a new video.
  • Adjusted the trend capture tutorial to make it more understandable.
  • Initial coins have been increased, allowing you to take advantage of your first savings to get new stuff from the very beginning and start your new life right away.
  • An additional quest has been added to emphasize the progression as an emerging youtuber. Start reaching the top 75th position and keep growing to be the greatest youtuber of all times.
  • Now trends related to a specific location are displayed on the map.
  • Now you can check trends information about their type and location each day through your mobile.
  • Added related trends to InstaLife posts, thus giving some clues about their location.
  • Now secret characters will only appear on the streets, thus making it easier to find them.
  • Pendrives are now better dispersed throughout the city and they appear since the beginning of the game, which makes these main quest items easier to find by chance.
  • Taking photos as a commission feature has been introduced earlier in the game.
  • Commissions rewards have been balanced to make them less necessary for progression, allowing you to focus on other quests of your choice to grow as a youtuber.
  • Included additional indications when you pick the first package up for delivery.
  • Added additional information about the type and location of trends required to complete a commission.
  • Now you can record any video to complete the quest #PlayCon.
  • Now you can pin up to three quests to your HUD, allowing you to follow up more missions at once.
  • Pin icon has been replaced with a more proper one.
  • Quests pinned on your HUD now include days.
  • Getting the ticket to PlayCon is now a side mission.
  • PlayCon ticket price has been adjusted.
  • PlayCon quest now indicates the time left until the event, allowing you to check how many days you have to complete the mission.
  • Adjusted texts now remind the day that PlayCon starts.
  • Once you get enough coins to purchase the ticket for PlayCon, the drone tells you where you can buy it.
  • Characters related to the FreeTicketChallenge are now in transit areas, making them easier to find.
  • Now just two photos are needed to complete the FreeTicketChallenge quest.
  • Now it is also indicated how many photos are left to complete the FreeTicketChallenge quest.
  • Night time has been adjusted, thus reducing the hours when the drone’s night vision is necessary to record videos. This will give you the chance to record outside later even if you haven’t got this upgrade yet.
  • Night Vision upgrade price has been reduced.
  • A new scooter stop has been added near the Port house.
  • The map app has been improved.
  • Added new instructions at the beginning of the scooter exam.
  • Added new instructions when you fail the scooter exam.
  • Introduction to the scooter exam has been updated to make it more understandable.
  • Now you can buy up to 4 games per day in Retro World.
  • The seller has been placed outside the Retro World Store to give you additional instructions about it.
  • Added a new message that indicates whether an item has been sent to the storage.
  • Improved the reaction cards album: now it shows the name of the character who will give you a new reaction card when completing their mission, and all trends’ names are now included in the album.
  • You can access the PlayCon VIP zone now from the Gold League.
  • Added a new message from the drone after taking your first photo with an NPC to indicate how the relationships work.
  • Added real-time location information of the NPCs you already know in your Contacts app. Also, don’t forget to check out the Character schedule section from our Youtubers Life 2 guide to know more about their daily life.
  • Added a new icon on some NPCs to show if there’s any action available with them. This will happen when you meet a known NPC who has a new quest available, or if you haven’t spoken to them that day yet, or if there are available dialogues during an event, or if they expect to receive a package through an accepted commission.
  • Energy increase/decrease are numerically displayed on the energy bar.
  • Fixed an issue with the speed of our Drone’s messages.
  • Now the Drone’s messages are properly queued when there is more than one at the same time.
  • The Drone now reminds you that you can record a video using trends you have captured if you have enough energy before ending the day.
  • Added a new animation while recording a video.
  • Added a shortcut to the map.
  • More NPCs will look at you as you grow as youtuber and get into new leages, and a new popup is also added to show the excitement of your subscribers.
  • Fixed the Pendrives lost during a quest after using them, and the drone message won’t display.
  • Fixed the AM/PM format times, that now don’t show double “”00s””.
  • Fixed problems with corrupted save games.
  • All trends are now displayed in those places where there are several trends.
  • Circles on the grounds for photos have been removed so as not to be confused with the recording points.
  • Fixed a bug in the InoxTag’s quest.
  • Fixed a bug in the Crainer’s quest.
  • Fixed a blocking bug during Suzy’s heart scene.
  • Fixed a bug when publishing a video through the editing workshop.
  • Trends assigned to conferences are now displayed at the exit.
  • Fixed a bug that slowed down the time since the second year.
  • Fixed a visual bug that shows trends on InstaLife out of the post.
  • HUD buttons now work properly when riding a scooter.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented recording “Analysis” videos in the PlayCon.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented energy consumption.
  • NPCs on the streets are no longer shown on the subway in the Map App.
  • Fixed a crash with the Arabic configuration.
  • Fixed an issue that caused some trends to lose progress.
  • Fixed the bouncing when scrolling on InstaLife’s feed.
  • Removed the dates of furniture, clothing, and food in stores.
  • Fixed a crash when changing scenes quickly.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented inputs in certain situations, just like in the streaming minigame.
  • Fixed several camera bugs.

All Youtubers Life 2 players on Switch can download the update now. 


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