Ubisoft announces Monopoly Madness for Switch

Ubisoft announces Monopoly Madness for Switch

Information about Ubisoft announces Monopoly Madness for Switch


Ubisoft has announced a new spin on the classic board game Monopoly, titled Monopoly Madness, and it’s heading to the Nintendo Switch system on the 9th December. The company says that players will compete to buy and upgrade properties in MONOPOLY City while Mr. Monopoly is away on his well-earned vacation. They will face up to 5 other players in shorter rounds that are a frantic, real-time race on the chaotic streets of MONOPOLY City without the boundaries of the board. Check out the amusing teaser video in the tweet below.

Key Features:

  • CHOOSE YOUR LIVING BOARD: Three different 3D boards are waiting for you. You can now enjoy the game you know and love on boards with different themes, like City, Amusement Park, or Haunted. Your city lives and evolves; invest in charming neighborhoods with strong unique personalities and watch them prosper in front of your eyes as you progress!
  • PLAY ANYTIME, ANYWHERE: Thanks to the Stadia technology, you can now enjoy Monopoly on all your favorites devices. Play on your TV, laptop, tablet or even on your smartphone.
  • YOUR GAME, YOUR RULES: Play the way you want by selecting one of the six official House Rules chosen by Monopoly fans from around the world. Speed Die mode is also available to make you progress faster around the board.
  • GO FOR SHORTER PLAY SESSIONS: Not enough time for a full game? Choose a new objective from our five Special Goals. Those quicker-to-achieve goals will ensure shorter play sessions and make you change your strategy. Be ready to challenge yourself!
  • CHANGE YOUR LUCK: Spice things up with Actions Cards and take control over your own destiny. Draw three at the beginning of the game and play them wisely so you can progress faster around the board, penalize your opponents, or get extra money. Take on new challenges and unlock unique tokens. These new interactions will make your game more fun than ever. The more you play, the more you win!
  • CHALLENGE YOURSELF ONLINE: Find other players online and challenge them in quick matches or customized sessions, choosing your way to play. Try to be the one to own it all!

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