Top 5 Greatest Minecraft Raiding Servers

Top 5 Greatest Minecraft Raiding Servers

Information about Top 5 Greatest Minecraft Raiding Servers


 Minecraft servers exist in a variety of sizes and designs. There are no two Minecraft servers that are precisely the same, although many may be classified into distinct types of games.

Top 5 Greatest Minecraft Raiding Servers
Top 5 Greatest Minecraft Raiding Servers

Raid servers are one of the most popular types of Minecraft servers that gamers like. On these raiding servers, players may construct large bases that must be protected with various base defense systems.

  • Raiding is often done in groups or “factions,” using equipment such as TNT cannons used to break into the base.

For those wishing to play on Minecraft servers featuring raiding, the list below collects 5 of the greatest options that are guaranteed to delight.

5- Purple Ore (IP:

The first is Purple Ore, a fantastic Minecraft raiding server in which players compete in a wide terrain.

Players can PvP, harvest resources, create bases, join clans, and, of course, raid each other on this server. Furthermore, this server is quite busy, with around 2,000 players at peak times of the day and a welcoming discord community of over 50,000 members.

Top 5 Greatest Minecraft Raiding Servers
Purple ore is a popular Minecraft server with a lot of raiding. (Image courtesy of Pinterest/Minecraft)

Purple Ore is the gold standard for anybody seeking a quality Minecraft server with exceptional raiding and PvP activity.

4- Viper MC (IP:

Viper MC is now one of the most popular Minecraft PvP servers, with a variety of PvP-focused game modes available.

HCF is one of the most popular game modes on Viper MC (Hardcore Factions). This gamemode places a strong emphasis on raiding and raiding mechanics. On this server, there are no TNT raiding mechanisms; instead, players can become “raidable” after losing enough faction strength from dying too much.

  • As previously said, there is a strong emphasis on PvP on this server, with less emphasis on traditional TNT raiding methods. Viper MC, on the other hand, is an excellent pick for someone skilled in Minecraft PvP.

3- The Archon (IP:

The Archon is possibly the most popular Minecraft factions server, with thousands of players checking in every day. The server’s gameplay is largely centered on raiding using TNT techniques.

This server has been up and running for almost 7 years. It is a Minecraft multiplayer scene giant, with appearances from some of the most well-known Minecraft YouTubers over the years.

  • This server also includes real-life cash awards to top-performing factions. Some of these prizes can reach $1,000 in actual money.

2- 2b2t (IP:

If the oldest anarchy server in Minecraft is recognized for anything, it’s griefing, raiding, and general pillaging.

Top 5 Greatest Minecraft Raiding Servers
Top 5 Greatest Minecraft Raiding Servers

As many Minecraft players are aware, there are no regulations on 2b2t, and everything goes. As a result, raiding is fully legal, and players can even employ hacked clients to aid them in their raiding actions.

  • However, be warned: this server is primarily aimed towards experienced Minecrafters, is completely unmoderated, and will not appeal to all players, especially novices!

1- Mox MC (IP:

According to the prominent Minecraft server ranking website, Mox MC is one of the top Minecraft raiding servers.

Top 5 Greatest Minecraft Raiding Servers
Raiding is an important aspect of this server (Image via Minecraft)

Players on this Minecraft server may enjoy a variety of game modes, including factions, which were designed from the bottom up with raiding mechanics in mind.

  • The majority of raiding on this server is done in a traditional faction style, using TNT cannons and creeper eggs as the primary tools. This server also has a practice raiding server where players may build practice TNT cannons before the next raid.

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