Minecraft Bi-Weekly Build Challenge #138: Water Mill : Minecraft

Minecraft Bi-Weekly Build Challenge #138: Water Mill : Minecraft

Information about Minecraft Bi-Weekly Build Challenge #138: Water Mill : Minecraft




A cool looking base in a new cave. I liked the atmosphere you had with the lights. Maybe could have had the actual base a little more defined (rather than being grey and blending in?).

Good build!



First off, this would normally not be accepted as it uses a texture pack, but I decided to highlight it cause there’s no other builds this week.

I really liked the layered effect that the base seemed to have. The pathways that went over other things always gives a really cool effect, in my mind. However, the whole feel of it wasn’t much like a cave. I always still like to try to include some rocks or stone ceilings to make it truly feel underground. Not that what you did is a bad thing, just my personal preference.


No one….

Honourable mentions

No one….


Sadly not that many entries this past week. People were perhaps waiting for the full release. Anyway this week we’ll be highlighting a minor change in the update… rivers! Rivers got a little wider, and the riversides got a little taller (sometimes monstrous!). Let’s use these changes and build some watermills!

Happy building and enjoy the update!




Water Mill

Construct a Water Mill. Interior and exterior! Bonus if someone can include it with the new cliffs!


  1. Submitting an entry To submit an entry, you must comment on this post and format your comment like this:

Title of submission

Link to submission photos or video (preferably youtube or Imgur)


2. Vanilla only No mods that add new blocks or items are allowed. No resource packs are allowed. Any minecraft version is allowed and you may build with custom terrain, creative mode, world edit or etc as long as it doesn’t add any new blocks to the game. Shader pictures can be added in a SEPERATE album as bonus pictures. None of those pictures will be accounted for when we judge the entries. Only vanilla screenshots.

3. Any version of minecraft i.e. PS3, Xbox 360, Pocket Edition. Snapshots are allowed

4. No preexisting builds We’re going with the honour system here but if anything had already been built before the start of the contest, don’t submit it.

5. Build teams are allowed There may be more that one person building for a challenge but only one person may submit their entry with their account

6. New textures are allowed The new versions of Jappa’s textures are allowed to be used along with old legacy textures.

Points and leaderboards

Link to sheet. The leaderboards are on the 2nd page

For points and judging:

There is only 3 winners each week. Each participant will get 2 points for submitting their entry. There are honourable mentions but they do not get any extra points.

Anybody that places Bronze with gets 4 points

Anybody that places Silver gets 6 points

Anybody that places Gold gets 8 points

Schedule (AST)

Sunday, December 5th 2021: Challenge begins!

Saturday morning (around 11:00 AM AST), December 18th 2021: Contest is closed. No other submissions will be allowed.

Sunday morning, December 19th 2021 A new challenge and winners are announced in that post////

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