Episode 271 – Eggangement – Talk Nintendo

Episode 271 - Eggangement - Talk Nintendo

Episode 271 – Eggangement – Talk Nintendo

Information about Episode 271 – Eggangement – Talk Nintendo


Plenty to talk about this week including Zelda Game & Watch, Shin Megami Tensei V, Hollow Knight, and some Nontendo business. Then we’re joined by the Fabraz boys to dive into their latest release, Demon Turf!

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On this week’s podcast, we have special guests and one of our crew members calling something
“one of the best of all time.” Sounds like Talk Nintendo all right!

No roadside wedding catering this week, but we have a nifty Dark Arts about cream soda and Perry eating a dozen eggs in one sitting. Then we got a typical huge installment all about what we’ve been playing. Perry got the new Zelda Game & Watch, Casey played Shin Megami Tensei V and a pair of Xbox games, and Alex talks about the new GTA remasters (on PS5) and Hollow Knight. Also, we discuss if Alex engages enough on other people’s games they’ve been playing (he doesn’t >:( ).

Our buddies from Fabraz then join us to discuss Demon Turf, their funky fresh new game out now on Switch, PC, and all other modern systems. We ask them about their experience releasing so many versions of the game, planned updates, and more!

At the end of the podcast, we got a Pokemon-themed Poll Time and a couple Listener Mails.

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