Big Boy Boxing coming to Switch

Big Boy Boxing coming to Switch

Big Boy Boxing coming to Switch

Information about Big Boy Boxing coming to Switch


Big Boy Boxing

Developer Soupmaster Games today announced that Big Boy Boxing, a 2D action boss rush game, is on the way to Switch. The project is currently planned to debut in 2022.

For more on Big Boy Boxing, read the following overview:

Experience the singleplayer action-boss-rush game with pixel-perfect retro aesthetics and inspiration from classic titles like ‘Punch-Out!!’, and recent indie hits like ‘Cuphead’.

Starting off as a typical underdog story, you encounter, challenge, and befriend different characters all with their own unique personalities & backstories. Almost all characters have a story to them, and their fighting style can be different during a rematch if the context is different or they are in another mood. Reading your opponent is key to getting the upper hand in the boxing ring!

Key Features

– A Campaign featuring over 15 Unique boss fights, each being highly memorable.
– Customize your playstyle with different special punches, perks, skins and playable characters!
– Dialogues, Minibosses, Minigames, Rematches, and many more alternative contents to enjoy!

You can get a closer look at Big Boy Boxing in the video below.

Big Boy Boxing will be sold digitally for Switch as an eShop download. We’ll let you know when we have an updated release window.

Check out the official site here.

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