3D Zelda Series Game Club – Feature

3D Zelda Series Game Club – Feature

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As we prepare for the sequel to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, join us as we replay the entire 3D Zelda saga.

While Zelda doesn’t exactly have a flawless record of ariving on its initial release date, we’re optimistic that a new 3D Zelda really will release this year. Either way we’re going to prepare by playing through every 3D Zelda in release order. A handful of NWR staffers will play through the games and then discuss them on the NWR Connectivity podcast. We’ll have a podcast deep dive featuring die-hard fans and relative newcomers as well as a smattering of other features and content. You can join us on the NWR Discord channel to discuss each game in the series and even send in some feedback and commentary of your own.

If you want to play along you can play any version of each of these games. That means original release, virtual console, NSO, or remaster. If you want to stay in sync with our discussions on Connectivity, aim to complete each game based on the following schedule.

Schedule (subject to change)

Ocarina of Time – Late February

Majora’s Mask – Mid April

Wind Waker – Mid June

Twilight Princess + Link’s Crossbow Training – Mid August

Skyward Sword – Mid September

Breath of the Wild – Early November

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